Pharma Medico Brand Introduction

“Pharma Medico is a globally recognised company and is constantly looking to develop its international footprint and coverage with their range of brands – Nourkrin®, LithoLexal®, Nourella® and Derma Nova®

Pharma Medico believes that a local presence and local expertise is crucial to ensure the bridging of any cultural and regulatory gaps that may exist in each region around the world.

This ensures that within the multitude of national markets where we operate, we find ourselves close to the market and its specific needs, and have a rapid response time to market dynamics.

Our regional and national offices are responsible for the daily liaison with various blue chip distribution partners, some of whom have been sourced through the Ceuta international alliance.

We believe it is critical to work with proven and successful outsource providers and the Ceuta Intentional Alliance offers Pharma Medico the opportunity to work with likeminded companies where real value is created for both businesses.

Attending, meeting and presenting to the network of distributors at the unique Ceuta annual conference over the past 6 years, has provided many synergies and opportunities and will continue to be a source of business development for Pharma Medico into the future.

These markets include USA /Canada /Mexico/Germany /Italy /Portugal /Australia/New Zealand/Switzerland/Iceland and more.

I can certainly endorse the value, organisation and benefit of the Ceuta International Alliance and the potential value it can add to both aspiring and established global businesses.”

Chris Keeble, CEO of Pharma Medico
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